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Keystone Innovation Zone

The Lancaster KIZ program is committed to streamlining business creation and expansion by making the process easier and more accessible for entrepreneurs. Your company may qualify to benefit from the services the Lancaster KIZ program and its partner organizations provide. Contact us to learn about the resources available to assist you and your business.
To visit the Lancaster KIZ homepage, please visit: The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry

More information on KIZ related activity
  • Strategic Partners & Other KIZ's in PA
  • Market Assessment of Entrepreneurship & Early Stage Companies [PDF file]
  • KIZ Tax Credit Guidelines [PDF file]
  • KIZ Map [PDF file]
  • Innovation Transfer Network Awards $127,000 in Grants [PDF file]
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania launched an initiative entitled Keystone Innovation Zones (KIZs) as part of Governor Rendell's stimulus package (www.newpa.com). Keystone Innovation Zones are designated zones that may be established in communities that host institutions of higher education – colleges, universities, and associate degree technical schools. These zones are designed to foster innovation and create entrepreneurial opportunities. They do this by gathering and aligning the combined resources of educational institutions, private businesses, business support organizations, commercial lending institutions, venture capital networks (including angel investors), and foundations (KIZ partners) In other words, where a partnership of these organizations is formed, a KIZ is possible.

In 2004, the JSID was formally awarded a KIZ and designated the Lancaster KIZ Coordinator. Then in 2008 the JSID partnered with The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry to manage the program. For more information about this KIZ initiative, please contact Ramon Escudero at 717-397-3531 x 164 or at rescudero@lcci.com

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