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Elm Street Program
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania launched an initiative entitled Elm Street as part of Governor Rendell's stimulus package (www.newpa.com). In January 2005, the City of Lancaster received two Elm Street designations, including one in a portion of the James Street Improvement District. The JSID serves as the North-Central Elm Street program coordinator.

The Elm Street program is a new component of the Commonwealth's New Communities Program. Its goal is the revitalization of residential corridors that approach the downtown commercial districts. The reasoning behind the program is that restored downtown commercial areas will be far more attractive to visitors and customers if the neighborhoods adjacent to them are just as appealing. Elm Street follows a five-point approach, similar to the Main Street four-point approach.

For more information about the JSID's Elm Street initiative, please contact Shelby Nauman at 394-1772 or at shelbyrnauman@comcast.net.