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District Businesses
The James Street Improvement District and Downtown are home to a wide range of businesses that offer services for residents, visitors and area businesses. If your business is located in the JSID (view map) and you would like to be added to our business listing, please contact us at, info@jsidlancaster.org and include your business name, address, phone number, web page (if available) and the type of business.

Alspach & Ryder Attorney at Law 232 N. Duke Street 717-393-3939
Arnold Beyer & Homsher Law Firm 110 E. King Street 717-394-7204
Atlee Hall & Brookhart LLP 8 N. Queen Street 717-393-9596
Barley Snyder 126 E. King Street 717-299-5201
Beulah Mall Law Firm 145 E. Chestnut Street 717-293-8232
Blakinger Byler & Thomas Law Firm 28 Penn Square 717-299-1100
Chesters & Miller, LLP 150 N. Queen Street 717-399-4900
Clymer and Musser Law Firm 408 W. Chestnut Street 717-299-7101
Crystle, Allen & Braught 143 N. Duke Street 717-393-0600
Eaby & Eaby Attorney at Law 115 E. Chestnut Street 717-397-7747
Edgar Barnes Law Firm 235 N. Duke Street 717-394-7152
Going & Plank Law Offices 140 E. King Street 717-207-7015
Goldberg & Knisely Law Office 40 E. Grant Street 717-393-2500
Haefner & Bacher Law Firm 130 E. Chesnut Street 717-299-4874
Hagelgans & Veronis Law Firm 223 N. Duke Street 717-295-7009
Haggerty & Silverman 240-250 N. Duke Street 717-397-3200
Herr & Low Law offices 234 N. Duke Street 717-397-7544
Herr Greer & Hoberg Law Firm 45 E. Orange Street 717-394-0601
James Wolman Law Firm 53 N. Duke Street 717-396-7866
Jeffrey Philip Paul Attorney at Law 124 E. Chestnut Street 717-735-7545
Jeffrey Reich Law Firm 111 N. Lime Street 717-394-7182
Kegel Kelin Almy & Grimm LLP 24 N. Lime Street 717-392-1100
Metzger & Zimmerman Law Offices 49 N. Duke Street 717-299-1181
Michael Minney Law Firm 145 E. Chestnut Street 717-299-5649
Michael V. Marinaro and Associates Law Firm 53 N. Duke Street 717-397-7055
Nikolaus & Hohenadel Law 212 N. Queen Street 717-299-3726
Nina Shapiro Law Firm 53 N. Duke Street 717-399-8720
Patterson, Cody, Taylor and Winters 53 N. Duke Street 717-299-7374
Porr & Devine Law Associates 115 E. King Street 717-390-3020
Shertzer Law Firm 43 N. Lime Street 717-393-3971
Soloff & Zervano Law Firm 8 N. Queen Street 717-394-0100
Zimmerman Pfannebecker Nuffort and Albert LLP 22 S. Duke Street 717-299-0711