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District Businesses
The James Street Improvement District and Downtown are home to a wide range of businesses that offer services for residents, visitors and area businesses. If your business is located in the JSID (view map) and you would like to be added to our business listing, please contact us at, info@jsidlancaster.org and include your business name, address, phone number, web page (if available) and the type of business.

Arabesque Dance & Fitness Wear 25 W. King Street (Hager Arcade) 717-291-1266
BellaBoo 30 N. Queen Street 717-509-5700
Distinctly Dianne 5 N. Duke Street 717-509-3337
Eden's Collection 36 W. King Street 717-394-9901
Fab Fashion 45 N. Market Street 717-207-0770
Festoon 25 W. King Street (Hager Arcade) 717-299-2232
Filling's at College Row 681 Harrisburg Avenue 717-397-2480
Irish Gypsy 52 N. Prince Street 717-509-9790
Jari & Mimi's Kids Wear 171 E. King Steet 717-396-1102
Jason's 43-47 W. King Street 717-392-0471
Kathleen's Fine Women's Clothing 401 W. Walnut Street 717-394-0131
Marti 16-18 W. King Street 717-299-3366
Mommalicious Inc. 310 N. Queen Street 717-299-0827
New Fashions 51 N. Queen Street 717-299-9612
Ooh La La Creations 44 N. Queen Street 717-393-4175
Pappagallo 28 W. Orange Street 717-392-0222
Peachy Green, The Natural Choice 25 W. King Street 717-299-0203
Pop Deluxe 6 N. Prince Street 717-299-6220
Rainbow 16 E. King Street
Revival 20 N. Queen Street 717-431-9671
Shaubs Shoe Shop Inc. 18 N. Queen Street 717-397-0336
Smilin' Gal 310 N. Queen Street 717?468?0961
Sneaker Villa 45 N. Queen Street 717-399-4000
Sonia Rose 50 N. Queen Street 717-394-3700
The Dude Shop 336 N. Queen Street 717-299-0445
The Finishing Touch 52 N. Queen Street 717-509-1507
The Irish Gypsy 25 W. King Street 717-394-3303
TMB 36-40 N. Queen Street 717-394-8842
Tony's Fashions 12 S. Queen Street 717-392-0397
Uptown Fashions 245 N. Queen Street 717-394-7460
Zanzibar 21 W. King Steet 717-390-2868
Zap & Co Vintage Clothing 315 N. Queen Street 717-397-7405